2023 International Conference on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Computer Applications (ICCICA 2023)
Dr. S.B.Goyal


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Assoc.Prof. S.B.Goyal

Faculty of Information Technology, City University, Malaysia

Brief biography:

Dr.S.B.Goyal had completed PhD in the Computer Science & Engineering from Banasthali University, Rajasthan, INDIA in 2012 and served many institutions in many different academic and administrative positions. He is holding 19+ years of work experience at national and international level. He has peerless inquisitiveness and enthusiasm to get abreast with the latest development in the IT field. He has good command over Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0 technologies like Big-Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain, Cloud Computing etc. He is the first one to introduce IR 4.0 including Blockchain technology in the academic curriculum in Malaysian Universities. He had participated as a speaker in the Bloconomic 2019 event on Blockchain and World AI Show 2021 event on AI. He had participated in many panel discussions on IR 4.0 technologies at academia as well as industry platforms. He is serving as a reviewer or guest editors in many Journals published by IEEE, Inderscience, IGI Global, Springer. He is contributing as an Editor, Co-Editor in many Scopus books. He is an IEEE Senior member since 2013. He had contributed in many Scopus/ SCI Journal/ conferences. He is holding 7 International Patents/ copyrights from Australia and India.  He had received many academic excellence awards at National and International level. He is a senior member of IEEE society since 2013. Currently, Dr Goyal is holding the position of Director, Faculty of Information Technology, City University, MALAYSIA. His research interest areas are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Data Mining & warehousing, Method Engineering etc.